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Personalised Kids Full Length Hoodie

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Introducing our personalised full length hoodies! You can have your new Ingham Family full length hoodie custom made to feature personalised text of your own! 

For example (see pictures) "Esmé is part of the #IFAM". Or "Isabelle loves the Ingham Family". Or "Isla is #TEAMIFAM forever". Or anything you would like! We absolutely adore this feature and are so excited to see you all rocking your personalised custom merch. 

** Important Part ** 

Use the "personalised text" box to enter the personalised text you would like printed on your hoodie. For example: "(name) is part of the IFAM" or "(name) loves the Ingham Family". Or anything you would like! You MUST specify what logo type you want on your item along with the text, otherwise none will be included on the final item. 

If you would like to have only one of our logos printed on your hoodie (The Ingham Family, #IFAM or #TEAMIFAM) then just write to logo of choice in the personalised text box only. 

There is a character limit. 

This is the listing for the kids sizes only. 

Make sure you take @theifamstore on Facebook and Instagram so we can see you all rocking your custom personalised items!